Veterans Administration Reforms That Will Make America fascist Again

The Goals Of Donald J. Trump’s Veterans Plan

We have all seen videos like this:

What most people do not know about the Nazi army is that they were the greatest army in modern warfare because they were unrelenting and committed to absolute greatness at any cost. It is common in war for soldiers to lose motivation to continue fighting after exhibiting high casualties, but not for the Nazis! Their greatness and domination would continue regardless of how high their casualties were. If we want America's army to be great, we need to inspire and motivate our army to greatness! Ensure they can march into battle and not cower in fear from witnessing the death of their brethren in arms, but, conversely, they will grow stronger and greater! They will absorb the power of the lost soldiers! Want to know how you inspire the military to greatness? I will explain how:

The Trump Plan Will:

  1. Ensure our veterans get the care they need wherever and whenever they need it. Do you think our soldiers will walk into the middle-east to kick ISIS ass if they know they will have to worry about seeing a doctor later 'cause they have the sniffles or some panzy liberal thing called PTSD? No! The military is the backbone to any fascist regime and the military ALWAYS comes first.
  2. Support the whole veteran, some liberals think that members of the military should not be allowed to carry fire-arms when off duty and not on a military base -- this is absurd.  If we want them to be a soldier some of the time, then they need to be a soldier, all of the time.  This is why we need to support the WHOLE soldier and the WHOLE veteran.  A veteran is really just a soldier for life that will be forever dedicated to the defense of the state from communists and muslims and the china people and raping mexicans -- these are the facts.
  3. Make the VA great again, the VA needs to be modernized and I will begin by firing everybody that works in the VA who disagrees with me. Ten years ago on the TV series The X Files they had these alien-human hybrid super soldiers that had super human strength, -- way stronger that that loser liberal Jason Bourne -- we need soldiers like that!  The fascist Trump VA will be dedicated to super-soldier alien technology and we will modernize our soldiers so they are unstoppable killing machines for life!   Super soldiers, by the way, do not get PTSD or the sniffles.  Once you convert the military to cloned super-soldier alien people, then we will never need to fund the VA again -- WIN/WIN -- revenue neutral!  

The Trump Plan Gives Veterans The Freedom To Choose And Forces The VA To Compete For Their Dollars

Stupid liberals never understand how fascist economics -- I mean, capitalism -- works! If you take away all government regulations and allow private enterprise the chance to compete for business, then the competition will create the best customer value that the market can yield. This is simple economics. It is like this, have you ever seen Breaking Bad? Well, even if you haven't, I will explain it: in season 2 Walt wants Jesse to expand into new drug dealing territory and because of said expansion one of their drug dealers -- Combo -- gets murdered by a competing drug dealer. This is the purest possible example of what happens when you remove all government intervention from private enterprise! Yes, somebody died, and yes it can be risky out there, but they also provided the best possible product for their customer! Isn't that the point? Under a Trump plan, medical services suppliers will compete like beastly animals for the right to serve the medical needs of our Great military!

Under a Trump Administration, all veterans eligible for VA health care can bring their veteran’s ID card to any doctor or care facility that accepts Medicare to get the care they need immediately.  However, to be clear, so we do not end up bickering over semantics on this matter, if a solider is a loser and does not give 110% for the fascist military, then they will no longer be considered a soldier and henceforth no longer be conisdered a veteran.

The Trump Plan Treats The Whole Veteran

We must care for the whole veteran, not just their physical health -- only insofar that they remain wholly a solider all of the time!

The Trump Plan Will:

  1. Increase funding for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury and suicide prevention services to address our veterans’ invisible wounds. Trump deeply apologizes for including this liberal bullshit and forcing you to read these lies.  My campaign manager said I need to include a couple liberal lies to help get the commie-leaning independent vote.  
  2. Increase funding for job training and placement services (including incentives for companies hiring veterans) and educational support. The only job a soldier ever needs is to be a solider. Increasing military funding IS the same as increasing funding for military job training, as the only training they will ever need is hunting, pillaging and killing!
  3. Transform the VA to meet the needs of 21st century service members. Alien-human hybrid super soldiers!!!!  Seriously!   The X Files is on Netflix!   Check it out!
  4. Better support our women veterans. If a woman wants to do the mans job of fighting war and protecting humanity, we will also allow them to become super-women soldiers, who will be proportionately inferior relative to the predeterminations of nature.

The Trump Plan Will Make The VA Great Again!!

The VA health care program is a disaster.  Why?  Simply put, are soldiers do not have the greatness of the Nazi army! Go watch that Nazi video again.  Second, we cannot let the China-people get alien-human hybrid super soldiers before we do!   This will make us great! This will help us destroy ISIS and the entire middle-east (including, but not limited to, Iran, Korea, France, Syria, Ireland, parts of Germany and Vatican city).