Tax Reform That Will Make America FASCIST Again

The Goals Of Donald J. Trump’s Tax Plan

If you read over my China reform policy, then you know that I am advocating for bringing America back to the center stage of exploitation and oppression. But, as a business owner, I know everything has a price, so if I want to take advantage of the work-force and bring about a new era of Fascism, I need to give something back too-- like an “I scratch my back and you scratch mine” kind of deal. So here is what I offer:

  1. Tax relief for middle class Americans: Blah, blah, more $$$ for the working people. YAY!
  2. Simplify the tax code Less money for all those accountants who try to make taxes confusing so we have to hire them.
  3. Grow the American economy Give money to rich people and they will do what rich people do....plain and simple.
  4. Don’t add to our debt and deficit. So far I have no evidence that my plan will not increase debt, but I am pretty sure it will not. But, even if it ends up increasing debt, we will just file for bankruptcy and have all our debts removed and start over!!! This is truly a Win/Win

The Trump Tax Plan Achieves These Goals

I am not gonna bore you with facts and figures about how much we will actually lower your taxes, nor will I tell you how much I plan to lower your employers taxes by either. Despite the name simplification of the tax code, it is all actually very complex and hard to explain without sounding like some nut-job academic liberal. If you want evidence that I believe in helping make people money, then look at all the money I made for myself!! Some would say I stepped on some feet and faces to rise up, and I did, but those people were complete losers and it is almost fair to say they stepped on their own feet and faces.

The Trump Tax Plan Is Revenue Neutral

This is where my plan gets really crafty! I plan to pay for this by reducing the loopholes to the very rich, but then I plan to greatly lower their taxes— so it’s pretty much a wash. Then I am going to try to convince big companies to bring back the money they have stored overseas at a reduced tax rate and if they think that paying no taxes is better than paying reduced taxes, then they obviously hate America and do not support the Fascist regime! Do they not understand that Fascism requires a concentration of corporate and state power? How are we supposed to do that if corporations do not want to contribute to the cause of the dictator? If these large corporations do not do as I say, I will boycott them and then ban them and then punish them. It is the role of the Fascist dictator of the greatest country on Earth to force countries operating in other countries to do exactly what I say!!!


America needs a bold, simple, and achievable plan based on conservative economic principles. This plan does that with needed tax relief for all Americans, especially the working poor and middle class, pro-growth tax reform for all sizes of businesses (unless your corporation fails the loyalty test), and fiscally responsible steps (like using fiscal blackmail to force corporations to pay taxes they don't have to pay) to ensure this plan does not add to our enormous debt and deficit.

The Trump Tax Plan: A Simpler Tax Code For All Americans

I plan to make taxes SIMPLE! Remember back before World War 2, in the era known as the roaring '20's? Back then the tax code was simple and it is my plan to return to that -- before we started giving social security, unemployment benefits, and welfare to all the losers who can't make it on their own. The liberals would say that the 1920's were a horrible economic era that reached record heights in disparity and poverty, but they are using liberally biased statistics to make their point, which is obviously a lie. If you want to know the amazing amount of wealth my tax plan will bring to each and every American rent the movie The Great Gatsby and see all the wealth the Gatsby has. Please disregard the liberal-panzy Leonardo DiCaprio who's true colors shine at the end when he turns the winner Gatsby into a complete loser -- sorry for the spoiler. Did you see all that loser-talk DiCaprio was espousing at the Oscars this year? Bernie Sanders -- LOSER! People who believe in climate change -- LOSERS! OMG! I am officially adding him to my book of losers -- and, by the way, the official Donald J. Trump winners and losers book is scheduled to release prior to this holiday season, and if you do not buy it, you're obviously a loser.

The economist I paid millions of dollars to so he would help me explain how my tax plan will help the working class made this confusing chart of percentages and dollar amounts and, to be frank, it is not something real Americans want to hear. They want to be inspired to greatness! So to better understand my tax code I will share a song that inspires me to greatness on a daily basis! Oh, wait, wrong link -- click this one instead (or watch below). Doncha wanna be a winner? Then pick the winning team, otherwise, you're a loser!